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Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder --

Working to reform and improve the Commonwealth's failing mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs will be a top priority for me. The tragedy of this issue has touched nearly every family in Winthrop and Revere...including my own. The Covid-19 pandemic has only worsened this crisis. The widespread use of narcan has saved lives but hasn't helped address the core problems. My experience at the Sheriff's Office and in our Courts reinforced my view that addressing these issues must be a top priority.


Education --

A wise man once told me that "education was the great equalizer." Regardless of your background, your socio-economic group or your place of birth, education creates opportunity and hope.  For this reason, I will work to ensure greater equal educational opportunities for all of our children and will work to achieve greater accountability in our education system. As the husband of a former first grade teacher, I appreciate what a labor of love teaching is for so many educators. We must work to give teachers the tools so they can share that love with our kids.

Vocational Education --

I believe the Commonwealth should place a renewed emphasis on vocational education.  While attending college is laudable and admirable, becoming a tradesman should be equally laudable and admirable.  Expanding and encouraging vocational education opportunities will create the next generation of blue collar plumbers, electricians, laborers, painters and craftsman. Vocational education creates good paying jobs which will help create stable families, neighborhoods and homes.

Public Safety --

A safe community is a healthy community. I will work with the women and men of our public safety community to improve training and accountability while working to give them the tools to do their jobs to protect our communities.  

Amazon --

It is certainly good news that Amazon has elected to create such a large footprint in Revere. Amazon is, however destroying many of the small, family owned businesses that have provided good paying jobs, with benefits, to our friends and neighbors and with it the very small business that are often a vital source of charitable giving in our communities. It is imperative that as Amazon expands its footprint locally, they be required to do so in a way that guarantees sustainable growth for our communities and ensures fair and equitable standards for its employees.  For this reason, I am proud to endorse the efforts of Teamster's Local 25 to ensure Amazon is accountable.  

Cost of Water/Sewer Services --

The cost of water/sewer services for area residents has risen dramatically in recent years.  There is an inherent unfairness in the ratepayers of communities, such as Winthrop and Revere, which make up the MWRA district, shouldering the burden of the Boston Harbor. I will work to create rate relief by ensuring that the entire Commonwealth plays a role in paying for the long ago cleanup.

Public Transportation --

Investment in expanded Public Transportation will help increase investment in our communities while reducing carbon emissions and road miles of private vehicles. The Commonwealth needs to include a robust Public Transportation plan in any climate change plan it pursues.  

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